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Our professional and experienced engineers can powerflush your heating system which will improve many aspects of the heating system, such as

  • Removal of cold spots
  • Increased circulation
  • Less boiler breakdowns
  • Less problems with pump and valve malfunctions
  • Longer central heating running time

Powerflushing is an efficient and effective method of cleansing a central heating system.

The process of Powerflushing increases circulation by connecting the powerflush unit to the heating system creating a controlled water flow throughout your central heating system, cleaning; dirt, rust, debris, corrosion and slime from the system.


Following completion of a powerflush, inhibitor is added to the heating system to protect the central heating system from further deterioration, inhibitor will reduce the rate of corrosion and sludge build up in the system. It is important to remember that inhibitor has a lifespan of approximately 5 years, if you have any leaks from your heating system this will dilute the inhibitor in your system reducing its effectiveness. 


New Installations

When installing a new boiler it is necessary to powerflush the heating system to validate the boiler warranty.



Why could your system need powerflushing?

  • There are cold spots in your radiators due to sludge sediment settling at the bottom
  • Frequent venting of the radiators is needed as the top is cold during operation
  • The pump seizes and fails, due to the abrasive and magnetic properties of black oxide sludge wear is increased causing pumps to stick or fail
  • The boiler is noisy
  • Fuel wastage; debris and lime scale deposits reduce heat transfer resulting in up to a third of your fuel bill being spent on nothing
  • Debris in your system could cause breakdowns and component failure within your boiler or heating system controls.
  • Leaks and leak damage: Low levels of inhibitor in the system can cause radiators to rust, and eventually leaks causing flood damage and a large repair bill.
  • Poor hot water flow and temperature on your combination boiler
  • Water from your heating system is dark brown


Existing systems

Once a heating system has been filled with water deterioration within the heating system will begin; water, metal and air mix together forming sludge and corrosion debirs, etc, which settle in the system usually in low flow areas.



When a system is not protected (by inhibitor or magnetic filters), a small build-up of iron oxide (rust) or non-magnetic deposits can occur within just 3 weeks, resulting in significant energy efficiency losses and fuel wastage. Such a reduction causes the boiler to work harder when trying to deliver the desired temperature, further increasing the risk of component failure. Radiators can become blocked, reducing the heat transfer from the system into the property. This dramatically affects the efficiency of the central heating system and the heating comfort the homeowner receives.

Much of the debris is magnetic and can be collected by a magnetic filter. AKH recommend magnetic filters and other auxiliary items which can be installed to improve effiency and to prolong the life of your heating system and household appliances. 

For more information or to request a powerflush please call 01258 472213 or use our contact page.



  • A powerflush of the system cleans dirt, rust, debris, corrosion, slime, scale and solder from the system.
  • A further preventative measure is to ensure that the inhibitor in your system is kept at a level where it most effective.
  • Install a magnetic filter on the  heating system


POWERFLUSHING, As a Curative Measure

It is important to remember that powerflushing is a preventative procedure, removing sludge and cleaning the heating system.  If a component part of your system is already damaged by sludge, a powerflush will not fix a pre-existing damaged/ faulty part, any damaged/contaminated parts will need to be replaced for the system (and/ or boiler), to run effectively and efficiently. 

Power flushing does not fix any parts, it simply cleans the central heating water, pipes, radiators, boiler, etc. this will prevent the sludge causing more or future damage. 


It is worth noting that depending on the extent of corrosion inside your heating system, we are unable to guarantee that all debris will be removed from the system. 


Also, in very badly contaminated circumstances systems or components may leak following a powerflush as the rust/ debris inside the system/ radiators has been cleaned away it is has taken away the “plug” on rusted and weakened areas e.g. pin hole leaks on radiators. These weak areas would leak in the not too distant future without powerflushing.

Power flushing has little effect on badly contaminated systems, for example power flushing has very little effect on flake. Flake is formed when sludge hardens. Once the flake is present in the system, it quickly causes problems in the boiler and heating systems.


At AKH we provide system powerflushing at competitive prices. 

Our engineers are experienced in a wide range of heating and plumbing jobs and can also install your shower, hot water cylinder, bathroom suite and mobility bathrooms.

For more information please contact us on 01258 472213 or email us.


We work closely with Landlords and Letting Agents, carrying out annual servicing, gas safety certificates and electrical inspection and test safety certificates.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the prompt and efficient boiler and tank installation that you did for us. The installers were always cheerful despite the very cold weather and having to do the majority of the job outside.

– Mrs R, Marnhull

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I just wanted to say how impressed I am with their work. Not only were they lovely, chatty, good, friendly lads, they were immaculately tidy and left my house brilliantly clean! A huge thank you to them for their work this week, I will definately be recommending you and using you again in the future!

– Mrs L, Shaftesbury

We just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. They boys were a pleasure to be around. We felt safe entrusting our home to them. They managed to make things easy and bearable for us. We look forward to welcoming your boys back next year to service the equipment.

– Mrs K, Weymouth

Could I take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt attention to me, which saved me and my family from what otherwise would have been a cold, miserable weekend. I would like to use your services again.

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We want you to know that we are very pleased with the outstanding service you have given us. We particularly appreciate your honest advice and the courteous way you conduct business. You were recommended to us by a friend and we will certainly recommend your company to others.

We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

– Mr K, Gillingham

You have again exceeded our expectations while continuing to provide a fast, friendly, professional and affordable service. your office staff even put up with my phone calls of worries and concern and were able to reassure me and put me at ease. The high level of customer service that you provide clearly comes from every aspect of your organization.

– Mrs D, Shaftesbury

I must say how much I appreciate your engineers efficiency and competence whever they call. They are always nice too.

– Mr B, Child Okeford

Many thanks indeed for a very professional service, I really am grateful to both your technicians on site and office staff - a brilliant service, a brilliant job displaying high standards of professionalism. I will certainly use yourselves to regularly service the boiler and for other work.

– Mr A, Shillingstone

Thank you very much for the great work your company have carried out on our property. We have been very impressed with your excellent team.

– Mr C, Gillingham

We would like to say a huge thank you to the team at AKH who carried out the work. The engineers were extremly hard working from the moment they arrived. They were very well mannered, kind and courteous. They were also clean and tidy in the way they worked. Thank you so very much for a difficult job well done. We are so glad to be warm again!

– Mr A, Yeovil
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